School District of Hartford

The School District of Hartford Jt.#1 was a two-part project. The first part of the installation took place from April to November 2017. This included controls to retrofit two schools with complete building controls including temperature and occupancy.

The controls included:

  • 33 Air Handling Units
  • 135 VAV
  • 2 chilled water plants
  • 2 hot water plants
  • Cabinet unit heaters
  • Exhaust fans

A third school which already had controls was added into the enteliWEB program giving the client the ability to control each school down to individual classrooms from one user-friendly program. The three schools include Central Middle School, Lincoln Elementary School, and Rossman Elementary School.

In the summer of 2018, a full controls upgrade was done to the district office. Which included: 4 rooftop units and 19 VAVs